Over the past 20 years as a psychotherapist for adults, children, and adolescents, I have had the honor of supporting my clients’ journeys of healing and growth. I provide deep listening, respect, and a safe space for clients to reflect and expand self-awareness. We will work as a team to identify and achieve your individualized therapeutic goals. As a result of therapy, my clients have been able to: Improve decision-making, manage difficult emotions with integrity, have loving relationships with family, and let go of old fears and hurt, to enjoy life in the present.

Depending on clients, I may employ talk therapy only, or combine talk therapy with the following: Mindfulness practices, such as breath work, meditation, body awareness, or guided imagery; creative arts, such as writing, reading, film, drawing, music and dance; therapeutic play, using role-play, puppets, games, or toys.

I am currently offering the following services: Individual youth sessions, individual adult sessions, family sessions, and group sessions (TBA). Please contact me for any further information.